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The Highland Deli Grill

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402 Adamson Square

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(770) 832 -2656

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10:00AM - 3:30PM
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We want to feed you the best, so we use Boar's Head brand meats and cheeses for all of our sandwiches. Can't handle a full-sized Loch Ness monster? We can make it a half for $5.25

Journey's Revenge


Grilled chicken smothered in a sweet and spicy Asian chili sauce and topped with melted Swiss, mushrooms, honey mustard and fresh spinach on our new sweet kaiser roll.

The Jarito


Turkey, bacon, and american cheese topped with jalepeno, tomato, and our homemade chipotle and white BBQ sauces on our pepper cheese bread.

The Mary, Queen of Scots


This is the sandwich we are famous for! Our delicious homemade chicken salad on a buttered and toasted croissant. Simply delicious.

The Aberdeen


Beef, bacon and crumbled blue cheese wrapped in a sun-dried tomato flat bread, spread with a our homemade dressing and grilled...we suggest you add lettuce and tomato for an extra crunch!!

The Highlander


Hot roast beef smothered in melted Swiss cheese and served on a warm, buttered french bread.

The St. Andrews


Tender, boneless chicken breast covered in melted pepper jack cheese, chipotle mayo and gourmet salsa on a kaiser roll.

The Braveheart


For the big burger lover! 100% Angus beef patty with your choice of cheese and toppings.

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The Edinburgh Reuben


Our version of the classic. Fresh corned beef piled high and smothered in melted Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Russian dressing on rye.

The Ayrshire Melt


Hot ham and sharp cheddar on our gourmet garlic and roasted pepper cheese bread. We can spread it any way you like... we love it with dijon mustard and a splash of red wine vinegar.

The Lochness Wrap


Tender turkey and smoky bacon wrapped in an herb seasoned flat bread with avocado spread, veggie cream cheese and a touch of basil mayo

The Lady Jane


Our version of the classic cordon bleu. Tender grilled chicken breast topped with tavern ham and melted provolone, splashed with teriyaki, spread with honey mustard and served on a toasted kaiser roll

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The Dunbar


A must try, staff favorite. Turkey, pepper jack cheese, garlic-red-wine-vinegar soaked cucumbers, and chipotle mayo stuffed in a spinach wrap and Panini pressed.

The HOT Scot


Spicy buffalo grilled chicken breast topped with crunchy celery and creamy blue cheese on a toasted kaiser roll.

The Denaris


Turkey, provolone, lettuce, tomato and red onion with a touch of oregano, mayo and red wine vinegar Panini pressed in a spinach wrap.

The Glasgow Wrap


Grilled chicken breast, lettuce and Caesar dressing sprinkled with Parmesan cheese and croutons in a spinach wrap.

The Nathanael


Grilled chicken and bacon smother in melted cheddar and ranch dressing and Panini pressed on our gourmet pepper cheese bread.

The Ellis


Roast beef and pepper jack cheese topped with Tabasco, cucumbers and chipotle mayo and Panini pressed on our gourmet pepper cheese bread.

The Mitchell


Turkey, Swiss, lettuce and tomato topped with our homemade white BBQ sauce and Panini pressed on our gourmet pepper cheese bread.

The Cyril


A ham and melted provolone topped with lettuce, onion and horseradish pickles and spread with our homemade mayo/mustard sauce, Panini pressed on a french loaf.

The Welshman


Roast beef, provolone and crispy shredded cabbage topped with our homemade white BBQ sauce and Panini pressed on a french loaf.

The Dundee


Grilled chicken breast and sharp cheddar smothered in an Asian sesame sauce and topped with lettuce, tomato and red onion Panini pressed in a sun-dried tomato wrap.

The Veggie


Another staff favorite! Kale, spinach, onion, tomato, cucumbers, jalapenos and Swiss cheese smothered in our secret sauce and Panini pressed inside our spinach wrap.

The Allan Edward


Grilled chicken breast marinated in our horseradish sweet vinegar and topped with Swiss cheese, spinach and red onion on french bread spread with mayo.

Rylee Melt


Spicy blackened tuna salad with melted pepper jack cheese Panini pressed on a buttered croissant.



Turkey topped with spinach and sliced, fresh strawberries on a Panini pressed croissant spread with our homemade cranberry goat & cream cheese spread.

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